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London has a great reputation as a city of theatre. Every year people from all around the country flock in their thousands to see the best shows in the business performed by world class professionals. For many people it is what trips to London are about, and if you haven’t experienced this wonderful part of the life of the capital, then there is no time like the present. Tickets are available here for a number of top quality shows that you simply can’t afford to miss out on.

One of the most popular types of musical at the moment is the so-called ‘jukebox musical’, which not only tells a thrilling story with some excellent music, but serves to celebrate a band or musician’s career. The much-loved We Will Rock You is such an offering, and has been successful around the world with it’s unique use of the music of Queen. It is easy to see why: the show boasts a script by the hugely talented Ben Elton with help from none other than Brian May and Roger Taylor. The story tells of a futuristic dystopian society where rock music is band: can the rebels help restore order to the universe with the music of Queen? Get tickets now and find out!

If Queen are not your thing, perhaps the intelligently crafted disco-pop of Abba will inspire you. The bands music was recently used to create an international hit of a show called Mamma Mia, which tells the story of a middle-aged woman revisited by three old lovers on the day of her daughters wedding. Will the suitors be successful? Which one will she choose? All underscored by the wonderful music of Abba, this is must-see show for all the family.

But perhaps you need something more classic for your trip to London. The city is always showing the great musicals from such geniuses as Willy Russell and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Russell’s seminal epic Blood Brothers has won acclaim from critics around the globe as an incredible piece of musical theatre. It tells the story of two brothers separated at birth who grow up in widely different social backgrounds, and the ensuing tragedy. With such unforgettable showstoppers as ‘Tell Me It’s Not True’ and ‘The Devil’s Got You’re Number’, this is a musical not to be missed.

Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera is arguably. the most famous and popular musical the world has seen. Based on the book by Gaston Leroux, it narrates the story of a gifted and beautiful young singer who is pursued by the Phantom of the show’s title, with hugely exciting dramatic consequences. The show has won numerous awards for its musical dexterity and ingenuity, and has drawn more revenue than any other show in the history of the genre. With such unforgettable songs as “Angel of Music” bolstering the show’s emotional intensity, there is sure to be not a dry eye in the house when the curtain finally falls.

If this seems a bit too much, then why not catch the joyful adaptation of the hugely popular Disney film The Lion King. Featuring all your favourite characters and songs from the version on the big screen the story is brought to life with a whirlwind of incredible costumes and puppetry that will take your breath away. The story of young Simba’s defection from his pride, and his eventual triumphant return will strike a chord of mythic proportions within us all, and the show’s songs such as “Be Prepared”, “Circle of Life” and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” are some of the best written within the genre of musical theatre.

Recently many films that did not start out as musicals in their original form have been transformed into hugely popular musical hits. One of these is the fantastic Billy Elliot, which tells one young boy’s story of overcoming prejudice of stereotype to fulfil his dreams against the backdrop of the grim 80’s. The story of Billy’s struggle translates excellently to the musical format, and the result is an inspirational show full of excellent songs that will leave you feeling uplifted and joyous.

Another film recently transformed into a musical is the wonderfully bonkers Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, where the drag queen Mitzi Del Bra goes across the desert in a bus accompanied by two friends. It incorporates a wide range of different hit songs to make a wonderful medley of modern music, including such great tunes as “Hot Stuff”, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and “Both Sides Now”.

An adaptation that has proved incredibly successful is Stephen Schwartz’s interpretation of Gregory Maguire’s ‘The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West” as Wicked, which aims to show you the other side of the story in the ‘The Wizard of Oz’. You will learn that not all is as it seems, and that perhaps your sympathies with the original film should have lain where they did. All will be revealed through such wonderful musical numbers as “The Wizard and I”, “No One Mourns The Wicked”, “As Long As You’re Mine” and “Defying Gravity”. The is a must see show that has won fans around the world for its audaciousness and originality.

You should also consider going to see such excellent shows as Chicago and Dirty Dancing. The former tells the tale of the price of fame through a courtroom drama involving two ruthlessly ambitious women and an unstoppable talented lawyer. With dark, jazzy musical numbers, this is a thrilling and exciting show that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The latter comes highly recommended, telling the wonderful story that made the original film so popular. Both of these are fantastic shows that have won fans with their excellence.

There is so much amazing stuff to see that it can be difficult to decide what to go in for. Don’t let you put this off as all of these shows are sure to be wonderful. Get tickets now to avoid hassle on the day and to ensure you don’t miss out on these excellent pieces of theatre.